Fabric Scrap Busting

Free accessories pattern leaflet

Print on 2 pages of A4 or 1 page double sided if you have a fancy printer. The previous version of this booklet was printed on A3 but I have updated it so it is easier to print at home.

Waste in fashion can be redesigned and minimised. It can be a massive problem or could be an untapped never-ending resource

Loved Clothes Last: Fashion Revolution Issue #2

I’ve created a set of simple patterns to help use up those strange shaped fabric scraps left over from dressmaking. Free to download as a thank you for signing up to my newsletter, buying an item from my shop or visiting me at an event. A tote picnic bag, a face mask, a drawstring bag and a cutlery roll. Useful items to make for friends and yourself. Scroll down for more in-depth instructions and photos. The samples in the below photos have been made from scraps of fabric left over from my dressmaking projects.

Fixing Fashion is a 2019 report from the UK Government’s Environmental Audit Committee on the state of the fashion industry. The report states that 15-19% of fabric can end up on the cutting room floor during the manufacture of clothes. The Great British Sewing judge, Patrick Grant, claimed up to 30% of fabric is wasted by those of us who make our own clothes. As makers we strive to reduce waste, I hope these patterns help use up some small scraps of fabric. Please share your makes with me on Instagram @oliveroadlondon.

Using These Instructions

Equipment Required

  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper scissors
  • Dressmaker pins
  • Sewing thread (various colours), Polyester is most versatile
  • Sewing machine *
  • Spare sewing machine needles
  • Elastic for the mask, ribbon or cord for the drawstring bag.

*If you don’t have a sewing machine, all of these items can be sewing by hand. Use a backstitch for a strong stitch.

Pattern Instructions

Small pieces of fabric can be sewn together to create a larger piece. Follow my blog post for instructions.

Want to take your accessories making to the next level? How about trying one of my accessories patterns. Available as a booklet including 5 patterns or individual downloads (Betty Tote, Mary Zipper, Gloria Cushion). Also available as kits with a length of vintage fabric and trims.