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Olive Road London on Hochanda

Did you see me on the telly on Monday? It was my first time ever on TV, the fact it was live made it a whole lot more nerve wracking! I was due to have an induction day but because of Covid-19 I was only allowed at the studio an hour before my show. I did a 5 minute screen test and the producers said I was good to go. Maybe it was better that I didn’t have time to think about it. The Hochanda studio is really big, the smaller sets you see on screen are all in one large room. I was in the corner with my sewing machine. It really was my best friend that day, I felt so much better being able to hide behind my machine. I’d already practised the demonstrations but did manage to put the waistband on the Millie pinny the wrong way round, whoops!

Janice, the presenter, really put me at ease asking me lots of questions about my business and sewing in general. She did an amazing job talking through my products. Spending a whole hour going through each one of the accessory kits I’d created from vintage fabric. I also packaged my 5 scrap busting patterns into one pack, which was the best seller on the day. Because my fabrics are individual it was quite difficult categorising them. Janice talked through the options and explained that the fabric seen on the show wasn’t necessarily the fabric that was going to be sent. Hopefully everyone was happy with their deliveries, bit of a lucky dip of vintage fabric!

I’m not selling the kits on my website at the moment but there is still some availability on the Hochanda website. Click the button below to watch a catch up of my show and buy the sewing kits. I’m back on Hochanda 6th August. Now I know what to expect, I hope I am not going to be too nervous!