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Whats In My Fabric: Cotton

Cotton is the second most abundantly grown natural fibre in the world. Non-organic cotton is a very thirsty crop and sadly uses a vast number of pesticides that seep into the environment at risk to the agriculture workers and those who live close to the fields.

This week is Fashion Revolution Week. The seventh year in which the charity ask us to challenge our favourite fashion brands with the question #whomademyclothes? Fashion Revolution was established in 2013 a year after the Rana Plaza disaster that killed 1138 garment workers in Bangladesh. Since then charity have been campaigning globally against the human and environmental consequences of the fashion industry. Encouraging brands to change their practices to a more transparent and circular model. This year the charity are encouraging us to ask #whatsinmyclothes? I’ve changed it slightly to ‘What’s in my fabric?’ and investigating common fibres we find in our clothes. Read more about it here.

Did you know that 60% of our clothes in the UK contain Polyester? Click here to find out more