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Vintage Stories: City Thrifter and the Bohemian Bag

Olive Road London talks to City Thrifter about her love for vintage shopping and her vintage story…

‘I’m unsure where my love for all things vintage began. I have really early memories of being dragged into antique shops by my Dad and being beyond bored with wandering around looking at “old stuff”. I can’t walk past a vintage or antique shop now without being lured in. I’ve always had a my own sense of style, and enjoy experimenting with fashion. I wouldn’t say I follow fashion, I wear what I feel good in, anything vintage or preloved. You’ll mainly find me rummaging the rails at the vintage fairs and markets, or hunting out that gem in a charity shop. 

The unique pieces you find when shopping vintage are the pull for me. Finding those one-offs, that more than likely have a heck of a story to tell. When it comes to my favourite pieces, I have a fair few to choose from! But the one that stands out, is the one that has the sentiment and story that’s personal to me. 

My mum is the complete opposite to hoarder. I look back on photos and wish she’d kept all of her wardrobe for me but unfortunately that’s not the case. The one item that I’ve remembered her having since I was a little girl is this leather bohemian bag. She bought it in a boutique in 1968 when she was 18. When I was 16, she passed it on to me knowing I’d always had my eye on it. It’s the perfect accompaniment to most outfits, and it’s special to me that I’m enjoying this piece from my mum’s youth. Who knows who’ll get to enjoy it next.’

City Thrifter, also known as Kayt, works as a Trading Ops Manager for a chain of charity shops. The perfect job to compliment her passion for vintage and pre-loved clothes shopping. I’ve been following City Thrifter on Instagram for a while and she has a natural talent for assembling outfits from pre-loved clothing that work with the current trends, despite being from decades gone by. Kayt has started sharing her love of thrift shopping with a new blog launched this month. A great read for vintage style ideas.