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Vintage Stories: 1960’s Saucer Chair

My favourite thing about running an Etsy shop is the people that I get to chat to from all over the world including vintage fabric fan and designer-maker Eileen from Brisbane in Australia. Eileen has her own Etsy store, Touch Wood Design, selling beautiful cushions that she makes in her studio. She bought some unique 1950’s barkcloth from my vintage fabric shop last year and we have been chatting on Instagram ever since. When I spotted an amazing 1960’s saucer chair that Eileen posted on her Instagram page I had find out more. Eileen shares her vintage story with us…

‘I often use chairs as a prop in photos for my homewares business Touch Wood Design. I’m gradually adding special Mid Century pieces to my home and I’d had my eye out for a saucer chair for years, but never been able to find one that was in good condition at an affordable price. I decided to put the call out to my Instagram friends and, to my great surprise and delight, one of them found me a chair within hours!’

Eileen is now the proud owner of this striking red and white 1960’s saucer chair, also known as a satellite chair due to it’s iconic shape. I have been spotting a revival of Loom and Cane furniture recently and I love this article from a 1966 edition of the Birmingham Post. Journalist Priscilla Hodgson suggests ‘Cane furniture today is very comfortable, very practical, extremely attractive and suddenly popular’, which could have been written in today’s press.

I asked Eileen why she was so intent on finding a saucer chair ‘When I was little, we had a turquoise-and-white saucer chair in the same design in our sunroom at home. It was my favourite chair – I was a real bookworm and would curl up for hours in it reading Enid Blyton books!’ that sounds like heaven! (Photo below from Cup & Saucer’s vintage shop on Etsy)

‘The person I bought it from needed to clear some space in her daughter’s room as she was graduating from primary school to high school and needed to make way for a study desk. When I bought it, the chair was covered with a hideous brown cushioned cover, but hiding underneath was the beautiful red-and-white original chair. It has a tiny bit of sunburn so I assume it’s spent at least part of its life on a porch or in a sunny spot, just like the chair from my childhood.’

‘The experience reinforced for me what a wonderful and supportive community of like-minded people I’ve found on Instagram since I joined a couple of years ago. Luckily, I’ve also been able to do some spotting of vintage goodies for that insta-buddy to return the favour!’.

‘I’ve had numerous comments and requests from people to buy it, but I’ve become so fond of it I don’t think I could ever give it up!’

You can buy Eileen’s beautifully made cushions from her Etsy store, Touch Wood Design. Follow her on Instagram for vintage inspiration, Australian style. 

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