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Vintage Fabric New Arrivals

vintage fabric new arrivals in browns and orange from 1970s and 80s Polyester cotton silk viscose knit fabric curtain material sustainable fabrics

Heatwave Colours

With the sun hotter than ever in the UK this month it isn’t surprising that my latest edit of vintage fabrics are the colour of the heatwave. Sandy beige, the current colour of the grass in my local park. Burnt orange, the colour of the hot sunset. Highlighted with nurturing browns, which is what our Earth needs right now. I’m sure I am not the only one who has climate anxiety about the record breaking temperatures and wild fires raging in Europe. I am passionate about vintage fabric as it is a fun way to recycle. We are using textiles that are already in existence. Preventing us from using the Earth’s valuable resources to make new fabrics.

Heatwave Colours

The colour brown has nurturing qualities as it represents the soil or the earth. It is associated with resilience, dependability, security and safety. With these themes in mind, it isn’t surprising that brown was popular colour throughout the 1970s. A decade of national strikes, blackouts and the three day week (OK, that bit sounds nice). Perhaps people were drawn to the brown’s qualities of warmth, comfort and security when the world was changing around them.

History threatens to be repeating itself with the cost of living crisis, strikes and the threat of energy blackouts for the winter. I’m feeling positive that we don’t see a return of the Winter of Discontent. And hopeful that enough of us care about protecting the Earth for future generations. We can take comfort from a nurturing brown colour palette.

Vintage Fabric: The Heatwave Collection

Vintage Fabric: Sewing Inspiration

Aptly named 'Summer in London', this vintage inspired sewing dress pattern from Seasons of East is perfect for Summer

Aptly named ‘Summer in London’, this vintage inspired dress pattern from Seasons of East is perfect for Summer. From a picnic on the park to a long lazy dinner by the sea. Sisters Carol and Barbara have designed a classic dress, with a fitted bodice with a gathered skirt. Team up with a cardigan or denim jacket for cooler days and evenings. Between 2.5 and 3 metres are required depending on the width. I’m offering 15% off all fabrics when bought along with the Summer in London dress pattern on my fabric shop. Use the code ‘Summer‘ on check out. Valid until 31st August 2022.