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Turning campervan curtains into vintage chic in the war against fast fashion

It is the story of the vintage fabric that really draws me in. I rescued a piece of purple floral bark cloth fabric from a 1960’s VW campervan. After a quick refresh, it is ready for a designer to refashion into a new design. I only wish every piece I source could tell the journey it had been on before arriving at my shop. vintage fabrics contain a unique mix of colour and print making it very unlikely to be found elsewhere. Vintage textiles capture social history, I can instantly tell the era of a piece of fabric from its design.

Refashioning vintage fabrics prevents them from adding to the growing landfill problem. The global fashion industry produced more greenhouse emissions than the aviation and maritime shipping industries combined. The trend for fast fashion has resulted in 87% of all textiles ending in landfill. Each length of fabric is individually sourced and refreshed by me. Saving designers and makers time and enabling them to create an ethical product with a unique design.

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