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Thinking Back to Christmas Past

Christmas was a magical time at Olive Road, the street where my grandparents lived and the place my vintage fabric shop is named after. My Nana Mary would cover every inch of their tiny house with Christmas paraphernalia. ‘It is for the children’ Nan would reply to our giggles when Father Christmas ho-ho-hoed every time we entered the front room. We knew it wasn’t true and it was actually my Nan that loved Christmas more than any of us. As for the jolly Father Christmas, he didn’t ho ho for very long, my Grandad Dick soon hid the batteries not to be found until 5th January. I have a few of my Nan’s decorations for my own home, memories flooding back each year that I hang them on the tree. Let’s face it, if you can’t get nostalgic at Christmas, when can you?

These crisp mercerised cottons take me back to the early eighties, parents getting drunk on snowballs and eggnog mixing up our presents. Only 45cm of each piece left but they are wide at 145cm. Use both pieces to make a double sided festive table runner. Perfect to give a nostalgic look to a Christmas lunch table.

I’m spending Christmas in Scotland this year with my brother and his family who have recently moved to Edinburgh. I’m tempted to make a patchwork floor cushion with these gorgeous tartan reindeers jumping about. Strategically placed by the fire, lovely and comfy for me to sleep of my Christmas lunch and all that washing up!

Do you have an angel on the top of your tree or a star? We have an angel but I still need some stars in my life around this time of year. Red cotton poplin with white stars to be exact. If you are the type to make jars of pickles and jams for Christmas gifts, a fabric lid cover would look great wrapped in this fabric.

Printed with small red bells, this this pretty cotton poplin brings back memories of chintz wrapping paper from Woolworths. The type that ripped at the corners and is transparent so that the gift inside wasn’t such a secret. I don’t remember rolls of paper being around until the 1980’s. The paper I’m remembering came in squares and was hung on racks, each print clashing against the next.

Join me in some nostalgic memories and vintage Christmas inspiration on my Kitchmas Pinterest board. Last order date is 17th December. After this date you can still order from my shop but I won’t be home to post orders until 3rd January. Best wishes for the festive season. Sarah x