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Sew Sustainable Fair

sew sustainable fair london

Summary of our first eco sewing event Saturday 22 April

Thanks to everyone who came along to our fair on Saturday. I was nervous before it opened, ‘we will have too many people, not enough people?’ but all worked out in the end. It was lovely to see visitors I recognised from other sewing events and some new visitors too. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come along, I hope you had fun, got the chance to meet sewing friends and make some new ones. We all enjoyed the talk Zoe gave about her sustainable sewing tips she has picked up from her podcast Check Your Thread. There was a great discussion afterwards too. We recorded Zoe’s talk (link shared below along with an episode of the podcast recorded at the fair). Zoe did a great job of capturing the welcoming atmosphere of the fair on an episode of her podcast Check Your Thread.

How to sew more sustainably by Zoe Edwards, video recording of talk from fair

Fashion Revolution Week + Earth Day

We coincided our fair with Fashion Revolution Week and Earth Day. Please find more details about this and my sustainable sewing tips on this blog post.

Free scrap busting patterns

scrap busting patterns and kits