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Sew Amazing

‘I hate throwing away old machines’ sewing machine engineer and Sew Amazing Ltd. owner Robb Myers tells me as he shows me an early Bradbury sewing machine. His stock room is full of over 40 antique machines from his personal collection. ‘If they are 100 years old, I still repair them if I can or strip them for parts’ including a Singer domestic hand operated machine that is over a century old. I’m sitting very still in Robb’s workshop just off Roman Road market as there is a lot of heavy sharp equipment on the work benches and I am very clumsy. Sew Amazing are celebrating their birthday as it is 70 years since Robb’s father Alfie first set up the business in Stoke Newington. I’ve come to chat to Robb about the beginnings of the business and how it has changed, you can read the full piece on the Roman Road blog.

Robb used to have over 100 antique sewing machines in his collection but did manage to part with the majority of them to create more space for storing machines he services, for individual customers, schools and colleges. He lends them to TV and film prop departments. You can find Sew Amazing at the corner of Roman Road and St Stephen’s Road in Bow, London E3.