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Lookbook: Vintage Jersey Fabrics

I wonder how many clothes in our wardrobes have a knit construction? I bet it is a higher percentage than even 10 years ago. Stretch fabrics are comfortable to wear, often with a lovely drape but they can be trickier to sew compared to woven fabrics. I don’t have tons of experience sewing with stretch fabrics so last year I went on an overlocker course at Ray Stitch in Islington and made a wrap dress for my mum. The tutor, Penny, said that a good range of stretch fabrics have only become available for dressmakers in the last ten or so years.  This might explain why vintage knitted fabrics are more difficult to come by. I have been able to source a range from the 1960’s to 80’s, below is an edit of the jersey fabrics I have available on my vintage fabric shop.

Vintage Fabrics: Stretch | Knit | Jersey

Vintage patterns for jersey knit fabrics