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Lilac for summer

Vintage fabrics for summer

I visited the Menswear exhibition at the V&A recently (go if you get chance) and I particularly enjoyed how the curator had given some background information to the spectrum of colours alongside beautifully made garments. It always struck me how men in the finance industry wear pink with confidence where as elsewhere it is traditionally seen as a female colour. The V&A describe pink… 

For centuries, Europeans wore pink as a sign of wealth and power, rather than gender… As a shade of red, pink shared its connotations of vigour and was freely enjoyed by fashionable men. It was only in the first half of the 20th century that pink became associated with femininity.

Fashioning Masculinities: The Art of Menswear, V&A

As this blog is about Lilac, I’ve done some pop research (via Google) into the psychology of this pastel shade. Named after the Lilac plant, the colour is linked to feminine qualities such as being nurturing, emotional and caring along with avoiding confrontations and being indecisive. We also associate the colour with early summer as it is the colour of Wisteria and Lavender, which along with Lilac all smell divine.

Taking these beautiful flowers as inspiration I’ve pulled together the lilac fabrics I have in my collection along with some new arrivals. Each one perfect for summer makes. Soft floaty dresses and tops to keep us cool where ever we spend the summer this year (I’m going to Norfolk so keep your fingers crossed for a hot UK summer).

Lilac vintage fabrics for Summer

Patterns for summer

I’ve recently started stocking Seasons of East and Maven patterns on my online shop. They are both independent companies and I love their classic designs that work brilliantly with my vintage fabrics. Here are a selection I’ve pulled together with the lilac fabrics.