Olive Road is an online vintage shop and blog focused on vintage shopping and women’s history. Buying vintage or second hand is ethical as we are reusing items instead of sending them to the landfill. With this in mind, I make small accessories from vintage fabrics and clothing and give them a new lease of life. The accessories are handmade by me in London from my vast selection of fabrics with recycled trims wherever possible.

Olive Road launched in September 2014 at Pop Up Vintage Fairs London and is named after the street my Nan and Grandad lived on for 60 years, it holds many dear memories for me and my family. I never use any animal products in the accessories I make and you will never find fur clothing or fur trims for sale at Olive Road.

I’m Sarasarah-richards-headshot-3-sept-15h Richards and I live in Bow, East London. I’ve had a varied career from studying Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion, working as a Buyer in the retail industry and then undertaking a BSc in Health Sciences:Homeopathy.  During and after university, I worked as an Executive Assistant for a national newspaper and then onto a popular retailer’s head office. Thanks for your interest in Olive Road, I hope to see you at a vintage fair or market soon.

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