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Vintage Inspiration for This year’s Christmas Outfit

That dress you have been thinking of making for Christmas, now is the time to get sewing! Seven weekends to go before Christmas day, there is plenty of time to sew a festive outfit and handmade gifts.  This exclusive vintage fabric collection includes two 1980’s kitchmas prints but is the classic Tartan and Paisley fabrics that get me inspired for my Christmas outfit.

Photo from Boden USA

I’m spending Christmas with my family in Edinburgh this year. I’ve got visions of wearing a pinafore dress, paired with a pair of knee high boots, walking my niece’s dog Billie. Warming up in a cosy pub with a log fire and a cheeky half.

My brother is an amazing cook so I need a Christmas day outfit with room to breathe. This length of paisley has a beautiful drape. It is perfect for this dress pattern I picked up at the Knitting & Stitching show last month. From Till the Sun goes down, a 1940’s style dress pattern with modern day sizing. It will be comfortable around the waist leaving more room for an extra helping of Christmas pudding! Visit my Pinterest board for more Christmas outfit inspiration.

All of the fabrics at Olive Road London are vintage or pre-loved, meaning they are often unique and one off pieces. Only one piece of Tartan and one piece of Paisley is available. They are both around two metres in length. Plenty for a full skirt, dress or shirt. Have your heart set on one? Don’t hesitate otherwise someone else will grab them first.  Olive Road London newsletter subscribers receive a preview of new stock once a week. Giving the option to buy fabrics 24 hours before they are released to the general public. Sign up today and be one of the first to see exciting vintage fabrics.