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Capes: For all kinds of heroes

Do you ever think about something then can’t stop noticing it? A bit like being on a health kick then being faced with chocolate cake at every waking moment? This is how I feel about capes.  Last winter I started noticing the odd cape worn by a fashionista around London. Ever since then they keep popping into my consciousness, even at the Mary Queen of Scots film premier at Edinburgh Castle. There are photos on Twitter of Saorise Ronan looking amazing wearing a short Tartan cape over her pink gown. I love the way the shape emphasises her shoulders with one smooth line. Even better that the cape champions the fabric, making it a true outerwear hero. I have yet to own a cape, but I did find the below vintage pattern at Pop Up Vintage Fairs and a fantastic vintage cape from My Vintage Beau at Bethnal Green Affordable Vintage Fair on Sunday.. Click here to view some new cape patterns that I’ve found. On my recent trip to Edinburgh I picked some beautiful remnant lengths of English wool tweed. Click on the photos below to find them listed in my online shop. I think each one would work perfectly made into a cape, especially with a rich satin lining. Which style of cape is your superhero?