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A Little Piece of Eastbourne

‘I found them in a carrier bag’ Jinny says to me as she proudly shows off the bright floral curtains hanging in her otherwise white walled studio. ‘My mum was helping my auntie Rose move into a sheltered flat and I couldn’t stand the thought of them being thrown away, they are a little piece of Eastbourne’. Jinny goes on to tell me more about her auntie Rose, the original owner of these fantastically flower power curtains. Rose isn’t Jinny’s real auntie, she met Jinny’s dad when she was working as a nurse at Stoke Mandaville and Jinny’s dad was a Junior Doctor. Jinny’s family had moved near the hospital for her dad’s job, her mum didn’t know anyone so Rose and her husband Bert took them under their wing and they soon became known as auntie Rose and uncle Bert. They retired to Eastbourne and Jinny remembers her and her sisters spending long hot summers in the large bungalow of their garden. ‘Auntie Rose recently turned 100 and when she moved into her sheltered flat, she recreated her bungalow from the dark green carpet to the 1960s furniture’. Luckily for Jinny there was no room for the curtains so now they hang pride of place in her small studio space in Hackney Wick. Jinny is a product designer and produces intricate designs for her collection of bone china from delicate mugs to egg cups. Jinny’s studio has a warm and inviting energy helped by the golden glow of light shining through the fabric of the curtains. The shelves are adorned with samples of her designs including a red Chinese dragon curled around mini espresso cups that she made for wedding favours when she married James. Jinny tells me the other designers she shares the studio with have white or grey walls and are very minimalist but Jinny is proud of her auntie Rose’s bright printed curtains as they remind of her of happy times with her auntie And uncle in Eastbourne.

Jinny sells her designs at markets around London and on Etsy.

Olive Road is an online vintage store selling vintage clothing and accessories.