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Spring Vintage Fairs & Markets

Spring time is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with some vintage pieces. The weather can switch from cold and windy to warm and bright in the space of minutes, so wearing layers is the trick to keeping cool and warm in the same day. I start with a top or t-shirt followed by a cardigan and then a lightweight jacket. I prefer vintage jackets as they give an outfit a statement and I’m really into capes at the moment. I haven’t managed to find the right one yet but I’m on the look out. Jackets or capes are the ideal item to buy at a vintage fair as the fit doesn’t have to be exact. If the jacket is a bit small, wear it open with a big scarf, or if it is too big you can wear with a belt and take the sleeves up. The fabric is what you should be looking out for; a textured tweed in your favourite colours or a fun print. You can pick up a well tailored jacket that costs less than a mass produced high street version. So head to a vintage fair this spring to find a statement jacket that will cheer up dull days and keep you warm or look good on  your arm when the sun is out. Here is a list of where to shop in the South East of the UK this Spring (click on the pictures for the links to each fair’s Facebook page)

12th March, So Last Century, Beckenham, Kent
Photo credit: So Last Century
 18th March, Tunbridge Wells Vintage Fair, Kent
Photo credit: Squirrel Vintage
19th March, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Balham, South London

25th March, Pop Up Vintage Fairs, Mercato Metropolitano
Elephant & Castle, South London

Photo credit: Pop Up Vintage Fairs



26th March, Clerkenwell Vintage Fair, East London
Photo credit: Clerkenwell Vintage Fairs
2nd April, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Bethnal Green, East London
Photo credit: Olive Road (Jo from Retro Bambi)
 9th April, Pop Up Vintage Fairs, St Stephen’s, Hampstead, North London
Photo credit: Pop Up Vintage Fairs


23rd April, Frock Me, Chelsea, West London
Photo Credit: Frock Me Vintage

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  1. Love this blog Sarah. I’m always looking for vintage fairs to visit and find it hard to cut through the rubbish and get to the facts! Thank you! xxx

  2. Thanks Cathy, you’ll have to help me come up with a list of places to buy vintage in South London!

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