My friend Cathy married Matt in the most beautiful vintage dress in 2008. I know from experience how difficult it is to find a vintage wedding dress to fit so I asked Cathy to share the story of her dress. 

‘I walked into Frock Me at Chelsea Town Hall and there it was, on the first stall we came to. A beautiful 1950’s pure silk knee length dress on a mannequin. I said to my sister Su “I want that one!”. Being experienced vintage shoppers, we decided to walk the length of the fair before making our choice but the dress kept beckoning me back.  I don’t boast a vintage sized waistline but Su could see that this dress would fit. As it floated over my head in the busy changing room, I knew it was right. Su pulled up the zip and it was as if it were tailor-made for me. I couldn’t believe my luck! I ran out through the packed hall to show the stall owner and was delighted in the fact that I was going to get married in this gorgeous dress. There were lots of oohs and ahhs and as I returned to the changing room, I was approached by a German fashion magazine who photographed and interviewed me. It was the perfect wedding dress moment. 

Matt and I had a Ceilidh band play at our wedding reception and in the excitement of dancing I caught the heel of my shoe in the hem of my dress causing a large tear (very Strictly Come Dancing!). Always the girl guide, Sarah (from Olive Road) had a sewing kit with her and swiftly repaired the dress between dances.  I have worn the dress since, complete with repaired tear and it always reminds me of a wonderful day with my husband, family and friends.’