I’m one of those annoying organised people who pack weeks before I go on holiday and packing everything neatly into a variety of different bags to put in my case. Even my handbag contains an array of smaller bags within keeping safe all the things I might need ‘just in case’. With this in mind, I designed and made a collection of drawstring bags with waterproof linings. They have prevented a few disasters; kepping my gym kit dry from a squashed forgotten peach at the bottom of my gym bag, my mobile phone away from the sand on the beach and a tube of hand cream bursting into the remaining contents of my rucksack. 

As much as I love these bags and find them essential for my over categorised luggage (and probably life) they no longer fit into the vintage theme of Olive Road, which is where the focus of my online shop and blog are heading. I have a few designs left from my stall on Roman Road last summer and I’m selling them in my eBay shop. I thought you might like them for your holiday packing, gym kit or back to school for the kids. At the risk of sounding completely over zealous about being prepared, I wrote this blog post about keeping an emergency kit by the door and you guessed it, I use one of my kit bags for the essentials. They cost £15 for one large bag + one smaller bag. Price includes postage and packing within the UK. Large bag is big enough for a pair of shoes, smaller bag will fit in a swimming costume or phone and suncream. Happy Holidays!